A Little Car Trouble (The Cliff Mills Stories)

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An AISI spokesman said capacity for the first half of was Stock prices. Stock prices for U. In all, Moss identified for us 23 new steel mills that added 33 million tons of annual capacity since Most of the new mills opened between and But eight of them have been built since , including these three large-capacity mills:. Six new steel mills with a combined annual capacity of 7. The mill will have an annual capacity of approximately 3 million tons.

In fact, U. But by June, U. Steel said it would idle two other blast furnaces in the U.

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Hurtik at Argus Metal Prices said the big capacity announcements are scrap-based, not blast furnaces. The facts: Iron and steel mill jobs have gone up by 4, from January to June, a 5.

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That figure is correct. Iron and steel mill jobs under Obama declined during the Great Recession, rose back up by late to the level they were when he had taken office, and slowly declined again, most considerably in The long-term trend for the industry has been a decline in employment, as the chart below shows, but much of that is due to changes in technology, experts told us.

It takes fewer people to make the same amount of steel. The Trump campaign also pointed to news of wage increases negotiated by unions at U. The United Steelworkers press release on the wage hikes at U. Gerard said. But it took a unanimous union vote to strike in September to get the new wage agreement. Antidumping cases are specific to the product, country and sometimes to the company, Anton said, whereas the Section tariffs were on every country, except certain exemptions. International Trade Commission determines that goods are sold at less than fair value in the U.

The U. The top three sources of U. Machado told us that while demand is weakening, Wood Mackenzie expects some growth in demand over the next two years, driven by commercial construction and infrastructure. The overall impact on the U. Congressional Research Service. Federal Register. Trump, Donald realDonaldTrump. Less consumption. Less consumption is a trojan horse for less freedom. Difficult to achieve other than by authoritarian means. Do you actually think reducing the population necessarily requires tyranny and mass murder, or do you just prefer silly strawmen arguments to reasonable debate?

If the former, perhaps you should look into the trend towards reduced fertility in developed nations. Ellsd S Yawn. They keep having kids even when they have no idea how to feed them. Let me guess. But, there is certainly no looming shortage in the next few centuries. And the supply is extractable at affordable prices. No, I agree with you that fertility rates reduce when poor people get wealthier. A necessary condition for that to happen is cheap, abundant reliable energy.

If you want to ban all the sources of energy that have been proven to work like the Green New Deal contemplates , you will get the opposite result — increased poverty and higher population growth. It is not going to be reduced in the lifetime of anyone reading this article. Moreover, some leading environmentalists are on record as saying the world should have no more than 2 billion people. There is no way to get to that number without Pol Pot-like tactics.

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Less people. Who decides which of us gets to live. The enlightened ones like you I imagine. There are whole populations with no economic basis for their own survival, who live wholly off of foreign charity. Stop subsidizing them, and blam… a big chunk of the human population vanishes in a few years.

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Just stop giving them money. There are whole populations with no economic basis for their survival, who are wholly supported by foreign charity. If you want fewer people, simply stop giving them money. Now they might not be the big polluters, but if you want fewer people just stop giving them money and a massive chunk of the human population will disappear in a few years.

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The poorest countries on earth have the highest birth rates. Whether or not foreign aid does more harm than good is open to debate, but the idea that you can starve off billions of people is ludicrous. Increased poverty will lead to higher birth rates.

Perhaps you missed that there have been successful demonstrations of extracting uranium from seawater. They have made yellowcake from seawater. The supply is many times that from land mining. Where there is a will there is a way. Human ingenuity is our greatest resource. Some reservoirs are considered as cost prohibitive and are not considered in oil supply calculations.

Coal gasification could become cost efficient. Fossil fuels are utilized not because oil companies are evil but because they are the most reliable, cost efficient energy source available.

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Nuclear power may supplant fossil fuels for electricity production. From any point in time it always looks like we are running out of something. Have you noticed that weird capacity humans have to figure out solutions to problems? Remember when we were going to run out of food? The answer is to boldly move forward using the most cost effective fuels we can at the present time and adapt as needed. We must ignore false fears of running out of resources, of ruining the planet. The world is not full of evil people wanting to ruin the planet. It is full of people who want to live and live fuller lives and are willing to work hard for that possibility.

Sounds great! Now all we have to do bring them back to Earth and burn them! We can use this to refill all our hydrogen-powered cars! No one has mentioned the real solution to our energy problem. The answer in three words: Fusion, Fusion, Fusion. We need to be fast tracking the development of a workable fusion reactor. Fusion reactors have minimal nuclear waste and are fail safe in case of an earthquake.

It is my understanding that the fusion reactor stops working if the plasma hits the reactor wall. Why is an industry safer than wind have high regulatory costs? And all that regulation focuses on solving to the regulation rather than improving performance. A market never got established so competing ideas and novel solutions that only occur under liberty, not central planning. The tides. If the united states invested in the development of tidal power stations it could provide consistent renewable energy to its costal states. Incidentally California, Florida, Texas and new York, the 4 most populous states are coastal.

The Central Valley of California is below sea level. Death Valley is feet below sea level. Oh, please. Even the most extreme predictions by actual scientists, not by Internet communists estimate something like a six inch rise over the course of a century. As New York City drowns, ….


The wise man, a short story by Donal Ryan

As a result, long-planned low-elevation reservoirs, designed to store water during exceptionally wet years, were considered all but useless and thus were never built. Then, in and , California received record snow and rainfall — and the windfall of millions of acre-feet of runoff was mostly let out to sea. Nothing since has been learned. They will be, by the way, to toss a fit when their electricity bills triple and demand other people pay it.

Nor do they cause the press to show any skepticism about the latest doomsday predictions. Current worst case projections are for sea levels to rise around 10 feet in the next century. Mid level predictions are roughly 3 feet. Jwatts The average elevation of Florida is 6 feet, at a three foot increase that is roughly a quarter of the state underwater within the century. Not exactly an end to coasts but likely dangerous for a number of coastal cities. Jimmy I agree.