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This is an intense read, and I can understand the mention in the introduction of the s idea of it having too much potential effect on the nerves of children. If anything the book is too effusive and energetic when presenting the drama of the firestorm that is approaching.

But that's only to highlight the qualities of the writing — the fire is described to us perfectly vividly, with such variety and authority and life that it does bear including, as I did earlier, in the characters of the piece. But the main thrust of the book is the tensions between the humans, not least when nastiness and misfortune start to happen, the threat of danger is only a valley away, and the real personality of all the personnel is found.

This could only be an Australian book, for concentrating so successfully on the bush fire subject. I'm gladdened by the introduction also saying it's the most successful of several written since at capturing what it set out to. It could also only be a s book — a world of children made independent by the lack of phone contact, and more cars that are out of use than are available.

But it is so vividly memorable that the location of this Ash Road sears itself into your reader's eye so perfectly that for a while no other such place can coexist. This book is so removed from anything else on the market - certainly I've not read anything that is 'just' 'about a fire', but perhaps for mood, sustained energy and threat and visually impactful locations the same audience could enjoy The Fury: The Director's Cut by Alexander Gordon Smith too.

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Just send us an email and we'll put the best up on the site. Jump to: navigation , search. An icon of Australian children's literature, he wrote over sixty books in his lifetime and has been published in twenty-three different countries. He died in The boys never meant to cause trouble. They'd planned to go camping, but somehow the fire got started and soon all the lives and possessions of everyone along Ash Road were in jeopardy.

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An amazing story of adventure and survival as a wildfire sweeps through the countryside. To share the language of the book, here's a little excerpt: " The fire came upon Grandpa's vision as something living and evil, shapeless and formless, constantly changing, huge beyond comprehension: an insane creature of immense greed consuming everything around it whether the taste pleased it or revolted it, rejecting what it did not care for only after it had mauled and savaged it, then pitching it aside or spitting it into the heavens.

Ash Road is a thrilling story about a group of kids stuck in a huge bushfire without any adults. This book was published in , so things like currency and slang are not current, but it doesn't affect the understanding or enjoyment of the story.

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Although this book was written for kids, I would also recommend it for adults. I have read it many times over the years, and it still makes my heart race and gives me butterflies in my tummy. The quality of writing in Ash Road is outstanding. The descriptions of a hot day in the Aussie bush are such that one can smell the Eucalypts, and the description of the fire is thrilling.

This is a great read for child and adult alike. This book is probably the least depressing of all Ican Southall's. It was an enjoyable but haunting read. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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I suspect you love all the books you work on, but could you tell us about some that you are particularly proud of. This book will always be among my favourites. And I just have to squeeze in one more: In the Memorial Room by Janet Frame, which she held back for posthumous publication because of all the people she knew it would offend. How lucky was that! The Text Classics have brought exceptional out-of-print Australian and NZ books back into circulation.