Becoming Passionate For Missions (Missional Thinking Series - Part Two Book 1)

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Maybe find another book to read. I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own. View all 4 comments. Nov 06, Laura rated it liked it.

Inside the Missional Movement

Can I just say first of all that I love Gloria Furman's heart? This girl knows and loves the word of God and her zeal is apparent on every page. I heard her speak at TGC Women's Conference 3 years ago, and she spoke with passion and brought new life to old texts of scripture. I've thoroughly enjoyed her shorter essays posted on various blogs around the web. But this is my first experience with her book-length material, and this book is just plain over-written.

I have a feeling if she did not already have a name and a platform, her editor would have held her to a higher standard of clarity in her writing because she breaks every rule about clarity and concision on almost every page. Her ideas lack focus and lose the main thread which is, according to the title, supposed to be motherhood. I lost the thread several times and took to skimming over vast portions of material to get to the next point. I fear she may have lost sight of her audience in her enthusiasm.

I generally underline or mark lines that I want to keep, but in this book I kept marking entire paragraphs because it often took her several sentences to fully work out an idea.

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Her writing is not filled with those maximum-impact, unforgettable phrases that beg to be shared. I liken these passages to seeds--once planted, they must bear fruit and in that fruit contain more seeds, perfectly compact packages of information without any excess that can then be planted somewhere else and bear fruit. I hope she will give herself more time between books to let her ideas ripen and produce those perfectly compact ideas that will be seeds that ripen in her reader's imaginations. View all 6 comments.

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Jun 25, Callie rated it liked it Shelves: read-in I was excited to review the audiobook of Gloria Furman's Missional Motherhood. This is Furman's newest book, and though I haven't read through an entire book of hers before now, I have heard people speak so highly of her. This book was not what I was expecting, and I have mixed feelings. However, I will tell you what I do not have mixed feelings about - the doctrine presented in this book is all sound, with a solid biblical foundation that is clearly explained.

That is not always easy to find th I was excited to review the audiobook of Gloria Furman's Missional Motherhood. That is not always easy to find these days, and I loved that this book was chock-full of Scripture! What I didn't love about this book was the title.

17 - The Modern Missions Movement

That may sound trite at first, but from the title I was expecting a book of encouragement about how being a mom is also being a missionary to these little lives that God has given us to steward. Maybe I shouldn't have assumed, but I thought the book would be about the "mission work" of teaching our children about the Lord. Instead, I would say this book is mainly a theological overview that is slightly geared toward moms.

It almost felt like the motherhood element was thrown into the chapters as an afterthought. The first half of the book was a recap of the Old Testament - I was not expecting this, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Furman does a beautiful job of giving you an overview of God's grand story from the Fall to Jesus. It was at this point I was very glad I was listening to the audio instead of reading the book - these chapters could have gotten a bit tedious since I have already read through the actual Old Testament several times, but I enjoyed the narrator and getting the whole picture all at once.

However, I have to admit, the fact that the book was entitled "Missional Motherhood" made me a bit impatient to get to the parts about Finally in the last five chapters Furman actually speaks to how the gospel affects how we do our jobs as moms. However, I don't think I was able to enjoy these chapters as much as I could have, because the writing seemed wordy and a bit redundant. I felt like Furman could have gotten the point across in half the chapters. I honestly think after reading this book that Furman's writing style is just not for me. Her train of thought sometimes seemed disorganized and I had to remind myself what the main point of the chapter, or book, was.

I like books that have a clear outline, and her style is too messy for me. Though I thought the narrator did a wonderful job and was a great fit for this book, it was in these final chapters that the narration style also started to get to me. The narrator reads in a tone that imparts the importance of each sentence - but I find that when each sentence is emphasized with such gravity, I start to get emotionally drained through the listening.

I would have taken this book more in pieces, but I had to finish it in one chunk for this review, and I was just tired by the time it was over. Overall, I think the book ultimately got the point across, to view our mothering in light of God's grand plan of Salvation - but the point was made in a very round-about way, through the overview, and then reviewing the gospel again with a slant toward motherhood.

I would have been more prepared for the way the content of this book was presented if that was the title - but it's not as catchy.

I would recommend it, but I would recommend taking it in pieces and ideally listening to the first half of the book on audio, and reading the second half. Each chapter made more sense to me individually than the book did as a whole. Note: I received the audio version of Missional Motherhood from christianaudio in exchange for a review.

This is my honest opinion. View 1 comment. Sep 23, Jessica rated it it was ok. I was so excited to read this book and came away really disappointed. It was split into two parts, the first being a meta narrative of the entire Old Testament. Furman writes that she's trying to give the reader a flyover of the grand plan of God and how it connects to Motherhood. That connection, however, was lost on me.

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There was a TON about God and the reason for missional living. Not much, if anything at all, about how that relates to practical motherhood. Feb 06, Christina DeVane rated it liked it Shelves: books-read-in I was expecting more, however the last few pages were the best and she had some great things to say.

Like mothers get so wrapped up in feeding healthy food to little tummies, feeding knowledge to growing minds, but how much are we feeding their souls with the truth of the Gospel? And being a mother is truly being a discipler of a young heart whether towards Christ or away from. Some good thoughts, but took too long to get to the meat of the book. Apr 06, Danette rated it really liked it Shelves: reading-challenge , marriage-family. It's all about Christ. Our mothering and discipling is because of and for Him.

Gloria Furman digs into the Scriptures - specifically the Old Testament - to find the mission God has laid out for our nurturing. This needs to be read and digested in short segments. There is a lot packed into this little book.

Missional Thinking Series - Part one Missions in the Life of Christ volume one by Perry Hubbard

Aug 07, Sarah Mackintosh rated it it was amazing. Not just for moms. I found this book to be packed with gospel truths, cultural observations, and Biblical helps on womanhood. Mar 21, Monica Groce rated it it was amazing. It gives the details of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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It explains how we, as women, are nurturers of the Gospel.