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I have long held the thought that how we speak, or how we visualize words in speech, reflects the inner richness of our individualism. It has been assumed by others that speech is a mere form of communication that is inherent to attained intellect and I am not sure that I would agree with that estimation.

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A person with Autism what is classified as a disorder and sub classified into a range of ability can prove a disparity of such assumptions. While I would agree that the mere ability is a proof, self-evident, of intelligence, I do not agree that our choice of word reflects the limit of defining our level of intelligence. Such things as various learning disabilities can disprove these widely-held assumptions. Take for instances a person who is a mathematical genius but might only write at a rudimentary level that is equated with 8th grade English skill. I am speaking of me and I am a high functioning Autistic as well.

There are many fallacies that our cultures tend to accept without challenge as those are not to be questions as per or indoctrination process.

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I am labeled Autistic, high functioning, but I have never allowed the constraints of such labels to define who I am or what I can or cannot do. I do have limits and I accept them such as I suck at grammar. But below is my take or mental process when I think out this quote. Small minds discuss people? This quote is used as thinly-veiled deterrent to people to shame them into not gossiping about other people.

While I agree that gossip is general negative and promulgates little action to promote a good outcome in social situations, I disagree that this is what the quote intended. I have often believed that we are mirrors in society as far as communication goes but that is role dependent. I feel I am too much of an individual to be an actual mirror to anyone, but that for most part communication is a tool, a means to an end. It is used to solicit information, or curry favor with people you admire, or used negatively as a weapon to cause harm propaganda.

As an Autistic I am not as prone to emotional manipulation tactics— so some forms of communication fail with me. The act of speech is done to incite or provoke competition or to invoke a sense of collaboration depending upon the intended use. Regardless of how you view it speech is a tool used to solve situations. I doubt people often look past the messages they get daily to see the red doors behind the messages.

Hell we have made a whole psychological infrastructure or market for communication. What do you think Marketing is? As an industry how many billions can this make per year? So I believe that the truth behind the quote is that it is a mirror as you have stated. I am not suggesting we are shallow, nasty little people, whom have no good intended.

But gossip is used as a bonding ritual and the outcomes are never good ones when the intention is negative. If a call-to-action is done to rally against a person that is not always a good or just reason.

I would equate that as drama. Its role or function is negative and not all that helpful in people being responsible for their own issues. Those of us who are internally motivated types tend to limit this sort of activity and find it harder to relate to. But frankly those of us who are internally driven tend to also be less able to justify attitudes that lend to the creed of herd mentality.

There is a reason-ability in the estimation that speech is an active action that is engaged upon willingly. This is part of why quotes intrigue me so. That it is an action driven by some factor that was of a prejudicial formation, that which started as an attitude, before it bloomed into a form of active discrimination. Attitudes are not always a reflective process or behavior and can certainly be reflective, but both whether passive or active, are part of the person who rendered them.

Hence a mirror. Average Mind discuss events? Well, I see no problem with discussing events.

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What would we have to speak of with casual strangers? It is the truth of a shared or commonality within our society. It helps define human. Some people do like to spend time with others without there always being a hidden agenda. This to me is the category for which it makes sense to start with a person unknown to you. It is the place where the start of common interests could lead to friendship.

For that reason, I do not think the quote intended for this to be any sort of slam. It is a fundamental step to the formation of society. This is where I spend most of my time but then I am an Autistic person so my guess is this is where most people would be if they actually have the condition and its inherent limitations. I am often trapped in my own mind but even when that is not true, I do reject most of the social chatter as non-relevant or invalid.

Most opinions are not based in fact and that is a problem for me. I can see how others around me might assume less flattering ascription. But I for the most part do not discriminate. Even if I have an internal prejudice, I generally keep it to myself unless solicited for my opinion.

That this is somehow the ideal stance from which to be active and seated. Nor do I want others to assume that this is the best place to be. I do value individuality and that means at all levels of attainable difference. The proclivity that I engage in is not for all people. Without innovators there is no progress, but equally true holds that without builders there is no action to make an ideal be actualized.

So we need all people with all the varied skills they possess to be actualized.

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The puzzle of humanity is far too complex to manage without the diversity. I am inspired by those I share this proclivity with but I have deep reverence for those who have gifts that differ from my own. We all have our place and the value of that should be equal though in society it is often not. Inequity is the enemy and not in keeping with the goal of the ideal.

The issue with people in my realm is that we often come up with these absurdly awesome ideas that are not within the standard of being achievable. It is not that I see that as a waste of time; however, there is something to be said for ideas that can become pragmatic. Without some level of all three categories being engaged it is all effort for waste.

So there is some credibility given to each proclivity. Ideals are useless if not achievable in events that include people.

So while it seems that there is a hierarchical structure to thought processes given this quote that is merely a mirage. The truth lies in the fact that all three proclivities are valid in some respect and without an interactive cooperation of the mental processes of all three nothing would ever get done in this thing we define as a life or the conceptualization of a society. This is how I process the quote per a pragmatic sense.

The assumed small minds, define the problems in society which cause inequities, the assumed average people are the ones who put actions into solving the issues that lead to inequities, and the assumed great minds look for additional ways to improve the social model so that inequities can be irradiated in a more efficient way.