Cash Games (How to Win at No-Limit Holdem Money Games) Vol. 1

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Just get the Harrington 6max book Originally Posted by Bedrockk. Just thought I'd point out that as of late December, v. Originally Posted by Dragon Ash.

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Harrington on Cash Games: How to Win at No-Limit Hold 'em Money Games, Volume I

Find More Posts by RockyKing. Find Threads Started by RockyKing. A cash game player with a similar stack would have no reason to pass on this opportunity, and a deep-stacked tournament player would need to be more cautious with all of his chips that have not yet been wagered. After all, many good players manage to be very deceptive while always playing a certain hand the same way simply because they also play very different hands in an identical fashion.

This is part of what makes it good for beginners, but it is also the reason why more advanced players will have little to gain from this volume. But implied odds are about more than winning additional bets. They are about equity that can be accumulated on later streets, whether from value betting, bluffing, or all around out-playing an opponent because of a certain card that flopped, turned, or rivered Yet Harrington has little to say about how factors like position and bluff outs can influence the calculation of pot odds.

Once again, Harrington explains these quite well and occasionally even rises to the level of insightful. Even played full ring, deep-stack NLHE allows for a huge amount of flexibility in the play of any given hand. Nebulous factors such as history, table image, and meta-game can swing a call into a fold or a fold into a raise, but they are notoriously difficult to encapsulate in a playbook.

Harrington is on the right track by introducing a coherent strategy that demonstrates a possible mix of hand ranges in the situations he examines.

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However, readers rarely get more than a glimpse of the reasoning behind the particular frequencies and combinations he recommends. The fundamental problem is that he rarely argues in terms of equity. Similarly, there is no intrinsic need to take a moderate but likely best hand to showdown. A bet that exposes you to a raise is not a liability if only hands that have you crushed will make that raise.

They are people who fold AQ to a single raise on dry Ace-high flops and let the first person to bet at a paired board take it down, no matter how implausible his line. Pre-flop, Harrington makes some good points about how and why to diversify your ranges. This section also debunks some common myths about pot odds and what hands should be played out of position for a discount. The section on flop play in heads up pots is the longest in the book, and undeservedly so. And despite its length, this section barely scratches the surface of possible flop situations.

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Explanation of the decision-making process, which is so much more important, is the inevitable casualty. But as explained above, a lot of important stuff is left out. Covering those details would have been much more useful than a engaging in a precise and minute analysis of a few select flop situations from every angle. The section on flop play in multi-way pots is both shorter and better.

Rather than analyzing examples ad nauseum, Harrington concentrates on the big picture. He repeatedly hammers home his central thesis that play generally should and will be more straight-forward.

For this reason, position is especially valuable.