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What chorus did the angels sing to the shepherds?

What sign did the angels tell the shepherds to look for? The baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger Luke , Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothes—the same kind of clothes He would be buried in John His circumcision Luke What are two reasons that Joseph and Mary took Jesus to Jerusalem?

To fulfill prophecy the personal prophetic revelation given to Simeon Luke , esp.

Where did Joseph and Mary go after the purification ceremony? Nazareth Luke What are magi? How many wise men came to see Jesus? Scripture does not say, but Augustine and Chrysostom say twelve. How many gifts did the wise men bring and to whom did they present their gifts?


At least one gift from each wise man. They presented the gifts—plural in number—to Jesus.

Gold, frankincense, and myrrh designate appositionally the kinds of gifts, not the number Matt , How did Herod use the star? He calculated the age of the child by the length of time it had been appearing and reappearing Matt , The wise men did not discourage this thinking. Where were Jesus, Mary, and Joseph when the wise men reached them? In a house, not the stable Matt In Nazareth. The impression given in Matthew 2 is that of a hurried, immediate escape for all Luke Thus there was no time to fulfill the law or the prophetic utterance cf.

In what year was Jesus born? Five or four B. Herod died in March or April of 4 B. How long was Jesus in Egypt with His parents? From one month to over one year. How did Joseph and Mary finance the trip to Egypt?


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Probably with the gifts of the magi. Where was Jesus raised upon His return to Israel? Nazareth Matt How old was Jesus when He began His ministry? Thirty-three to thirty-four years old born 5 to 4 B.

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Play Bible Hangman! What does Jesus' other name, "Emmanuel", mean? Why did Joseph and Mary go to the city of David? In what city was Jesus born? Bethlehem Galilee Cyprus Nazareth Luke Why were Mary and Joseph unable to stay in an inn? There was no room for them They didn't have enough money The innkeeper hated them All the inns were closed Luke With what did Mary wrap newborn Jesus? A blanket Joseph's cape A scarf Swaddling Luke After Jesus was born, where did Mary lay Him?

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In a pile of hay She held him In a feeding troth On the ground Luke What was the shepherds' initial reaction to the angel who visited them? They were excited They were upset They were afraid They were angry Luke What did the angel tell the shepherds? Who visited Joseph, Mary, and Jesus on the night He was born?

Shepherds, wise men, and all those dwelling in Bethlehem Shepherds Wise men Shepherds and wise men Luke