Crochet Pattern - Mary Janes, Bunny Slippers, Lacy Sock Trim

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They make perfect gifts for baby showers and can also be made for donations to charity. Crochet booties are quick and easy to craft. The 15 patterns here will keep you interested with their variety in stitches and styles.

15 Adorable Baby Bootie Crochet Patterns

Make your first pair of classic crochet baby booties using this free crochet pattern. These are very versatile baby shoes designed to look a bit like baby slippers or Mary Janes.

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They are a one-size pattern designed to fit ages months. Simple Booties by Jess Gets Crafty. This is a seven-round pattern for crochet baby booties that close with a drawstring tie. The colors for these crochet baby booties were inspired by winter, but baby can wear them comfortably at any time of year. The drawstring shoelaces are a nice touch. This crochet pattern comes with a helpful video tutorial so people who are new to crochet will find the resources here helpful. These crochet booties use ribbon in place of laces for a terrific decorative touch.

You can make them suitable for different seasons and holidays through your ribbon choice.

The instructions include information to make three different sizes of these crochet booties. Baby Booties with Ribbon by Tiggy Jones. Eyelash yarn and fun fur make great additions to crochet booties as we can see from this cute free tutorial. These are especially great baby booties for the cold winter months. This is another version of a fur-trimmed baby booties. This one has more of a sneaker style to the design, including laces.

It is a unisex crochet pattern that can be worked in any color scheme of your choosing. The pattern is available as a free download at Ravelry. This is one of the most adorable crochet baby booties patterns out there. Crochet Baby Converse by Suzanne Resaul.

Free Patterns

The style of these crochet baby booties is known as "kimono" or "wraparound. This crochet pattern comes in four sizes from newborn through 1 year. These crochet ankle boots are a sophisticated choice for a stylish baby, especially when worked in the recommended colors.

All of our free crochet pattern collections, on one convenient page!

The large button detail adds a nice polish to the design. This pattern is available in two newborn sizes. These shoes are designed to look like rain boots. It is a free pattern that comes with ideas to make them for both boys and girls; the flower design underneath the button detail is optional. Is your baby old enough to love dinosaurs? Or is it time for baby's first costume? These dinosaur baby booties are exactly what he or she needs!

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They come with instructions for three different shoe sizes. Cotton : The directions fit US sizes 7 to 9 can be adjusted easily. Persian : This is an easy felting project requiring basic embroidery skills. I could not download patterns after clicking on picture. Please tell us how to get copy of free pattern. Which pattern were you interested in?

I can double check for you. Grandmother used to make these. When she passed away the pattern was lost. Love the variety of slipper patterns available.

35+ Free Slipper Patterns: {Knit, Crochet, Sewing}

Just a heads up. I would like to say thank you for such a wonderful site. I have taught alot of folks to do theese slippers and we are making them to give to our local adopt a family for x mas and they are so easy to make. Thank you for being one of those wonderful people who put all this stuff in one place for easy access.

Love the crochet slippers and will have to get to making some for Christmas presents.