Dont Let Your Dreams Die

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Don’t Give Up! What Dreams Will Die With You?

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Don't Let Your Dreams Die - Ignite South Africa

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram. Search Ads Enter Search Terms. Latest Ads Top Ads Submit. Search Ads. Follow Us. Partnered With Clios. Give yourself permission to have the desire and to let it grow in your heart. Your thoughts and beliefs might be your biggest ones. If they feel too big, then ask for perspective.

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Directly ask for an empowering perspective of your circumstances to be shown to you. I promise you that there is one. In the course of a year her brother, father, and husband all kicked it. What would you do with that adversity? She threw her vision board, The Secret, and her manuscript all into a coffin and had a full blown funeral. Take a look around your life and notice who is telling you no.

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If you want to resuscitate your dream, call me! What thoughts do you need to clear out?

What behaviors do you need to change? What actions do you need to take? What support do you need?

May God bless you a thousand times over. WOW, that is amazing! I feel like this pod cast really spoke to me. I posted the post below before I listened to the podcast.

Strange how parts of the podcast relate to my post. I used to be able to create a greeting card in about five minutes. Today the words started coming back to me suddenly. I will no longer let someone else hold the pen to write my story. I will starting writing my own again.

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Verona simplyveronac. Everyone needs a little extra courage some days! Never ever give up!!! Loved both of these John-Erik, but especially the second one! A lot of people just go about helping other people fulfill there dreams like CEOs of major companies, that what truly matters to someone is just left to die. Your father is so right. My mother said something simular once. No one can make you truly happy except yourself. We are now going on our 13th year of marriage.

Very unlike me.