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Except he had forgotten to unload one blank, and had the bad luck to spin the cylinder to that chamber.

The force of the blank firing at close range was enough to kill him. And famously, Brandon Lee was killed in while filming The Crow when a prop gun was improperly loaded, causing a blank shot to propel a bullet stuck in the barrel from a previous misfire at Lee.

Not all onstage gun deaths are accidental. Jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan was shot and killed on stage by his wife in He was wearing green at the time, and the color has been bad luck ever since. Thing we were happiest to learn: Not much to be happy about on a list of deaths, apart from some lives well lived.

Accidental Causes:

The following year, jam-band staple Colonel Bruce Hampton died on his 70th birthday, surrounded by friends and admirers, during an all-star concert to honor the occasion. Thing we were unhappiest to learn: Wrestling may be fake, but the danger is real. Three years later, Luther Lindsay , one of the first black pro wrestlers to become a major star, died while performing the winning move in a match. In , Larry Cameron died of a heart attack during a match.

Dying on stage: comedian Marx has come closer than most

But the schmaltzy, b-list crooner Tony Martin had fewer reservations about getting some stage time and decided to grace the audience with a song. And what a song it was. This is the song Tony Martin sang to a room full of people who just watched a man die. Bonus Fact: Harry Einstein is also the father of two comedy legends.

Milton Berle got his second chance to roast Lucille Ball here, in No mention of Harry Einstein was made during the show. After roasting Lewis, Kelly returned to his seat on the dias and died immediately —some say before the applause had even ended. Bonus Fact: Joe E. Lewis, the man Al Kelly was roasting when he died, narrowly avoided a tragic death himself.

In , Lewis was employed at a club owned by infamous mobster Al Capone.

Letting go

This turned out to be a poor decision. His name was Frank Sinatra.

War crimes convict dies after drinking poison on camera

Perhaps the most shocking and certainly the most public death in the history of comedy goes to Tommy Cooper. Monaco would be out: 0 per , Say what?

"Suddenly Susan" A Kiss Before Dying on Stage (TV Episode ) - IMDb

There is even a film-clip on YouTube where, to save time and trouble, 36 Hitchcock films have been spliced into 2 minutes and 50 seconds of murderous denouements. But it also returns us to Aeschylus. Until the end is known, until we get to the ever-after, no story can be judged. And art, finally, is judgment.

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