Elusive Love Poems From A Battered Heart

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This specific poem was actually finished last week but life got in the way before I could post it so I decided to post it today.

True love ❤️ Love poem beautiful and romantic ❤️

I have worn a lot of faces in life; A lot of different personalities and traits. Some of them were masks, others were faces I had ripped off of other people.

Some were for fun, for the thrill of it Yet others were a necessity, to protect and shield myself. These are the moments I never took in when, I was just wishing I could move on or my life could be different.

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Always running, always chasing. Donne did not print his poetry, but chose to share it with a small circle of readers and patrons, who read and circulated it in manuscript.

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This makes it difficult to date many of his works. Andrew Dickson follows the progress of the Renaissance through Europe, and examines the educational, religious, artistic and geographical developments that shaped culture during the period.

Andrew Dickson explores John Donne's fascination with death as a literary, philosophical and emotional subject, and examines its presence in his poetry and treatises. Toby Litt shows how Donne creates a mischievous relationship with his readers, as the poem builds energy and plays around with time and space. Poems by John Donne. Explore further Related articles. View all related collection items.

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John Donne. Ben Jonson.

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