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However, over the coming decade, any healthcare delivery organization will have to address this issue. In the US alone, radiological images have gone from gigabytes to petabytes of data generated per day [2].

To interpret this data, Cleveland Clinic, ranked the 2 US hospital, employs radiologists practicing in 13 subspecialties [3]. The use of machine learning in radiology has many implications, making it important to the future of healthcare. First, physician shortages present a major obstacle to accessing care in the United States [4]. The resulting increase in capacity would allow for timelier access to healthcare and a reduction in the growing personnel costs that have resulted from growth in demand outpacing growth in supply for healthcare professionals over several decades [6].

Finally, an important impact of the application of this technology to healthcare is the potential to reduce errors. Cleveland Clinic has taken many actions to be at the forefront of this looming disruption.

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One of the most prominent examples is their long-standing partnership with IBM. The partnership was further deepened when Cleveland Clinic sold its data aggregation platform, Explorys, to IBM for an undisclosed sum in [10]. Given the complexity of the structure of healthcare data which tends to reside in several different systems which are not necessarily well-interfaced with one another, the capability to aggregate data in a meaningful way is a critical hurdle to overcome in order to advance the objectives of machine learning in healthcare.

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This focus has helped Cleveland Clinic stand out as a leader in one of the most important aspects of medicine that will be among the hardest to disrupt through a machine learning technology. Through a meaningful partnership with IBM, as well as a focus on the fundamentals of the healthcare delivery value chain, Cleveland Clinic has positioned itself to create, rather than be subject to, these coming changes in healthcare.

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  • Another area that Cleveland Clinic should further consider is solutions which are immediately compatible with the regulatory landscape in the US. Currently, the FDA has not approved the use of computers alone in the review of radiological images; however, it could occur in the near future [14].

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    There may be ways to advance the objectives of improved access, reduced cost, and improved time to treatment in the interim. Images would still be interpreted entirely by radiologists, but the prioritization would be completed by a computer.

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    As we begin having more involvement of machine learning in healthcare, I would pose the following questions to my HBS classmates: As a consumer, would you be comfortable with a computer alone providing complex medical opinions? If not, how would you want your physician to interact with you and your health information as you consume healthcare? Radiologists of the future not only use ML models to screen for routine conditions, but also to change features to look for as they are managing patients in the hospital — based on what the patient is currently experiencing now.

    What the system may initially present as lesions signalling organ failure may actually be tied to some unknown upstream effect i.

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