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Backman, Charles W. Dahlquist, and Floyd Hatch participate in a ceremonial groundbreaking at the site of the future Thomas S. Courtesy Elder Robert K. Church News. Ground Broken on Thomas S. Article Highlights Ground was broken May 27 to commence construction of the 18,square-foot, multi-use Thomas S. The future building will stand as an apt tribute to President Monson and his lifelong support of Scouting. Related Links Read about the priesthood leadership conference on Scouting starting June Learn more in the newest issue of California Freemason, Crafting their Legacy.

Whether in underground caves or quarries, Masons have been known to meet in some unusual places. Learn more about how these underground meeting spaces elevated the lodge experience. Whether your lodge is funding generous scholarships for local students or clearing trash from the roads or beach, we want the world to know about it with bluelodgechallenge.

On aprons and teapots, in the first degrees and the virtues and lessons of Freemasonry, feminine symbols are threaded into the very fabric of Freemasonry.

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How has this relationship changed over time, and why are separate streams of Masonry likely to continue? The Order of DeMolay supports young men in building character and leadership skills that serve them for a lifetime. Its close friendship and enduring values provide vital support, cultivate deep understanding, and nurture emotional intelligence at a pivotal point in life.

Two Senior DeMolays cross a generational divide and find commonalities through their experience in DeMolay International. Watch this brief video featuring Masons who mentor DeMolay chapters at their lodges. Learn why three lodges chose to write a better future for California communities. At Orange Grove Lodge No. Learn more about what inspires these brothers and their fun-filled Masonic experience — from luaus to support for California public schools.

Wright was installed as grand master of Masons in California. The lens of Freemasonry offers a fascinating perspective! Dust off those gloves and get ready to knock one out of the park for your team: The Masons4Mitts season is now underway! And, how does Masonry fit in? In Masonic philosophy, sacred geometry reveals ephemeral spiritual realities and personal truths through tangible architectural forms.

Cooper III, the promise of Freemasonry inspired a life devoted to its craft. One of the most interesting — and sometimes confusing — aspects of Freemasonry is its varied rituals and rites. Read about members throughout California whose Masonic experience brought them exactly what they were seeking: brotherhood, friendship, and the path to a more meaningful life.

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This year marks the th anniversary of our great fraternity! A new video created by the California Masonic Foundation offers an inspiring perspective of our Masonic quest to live a meaningful life. Read his proclamation now. Join your brothers and toast to Freemasonry during an unforgettable night at the th Anniversary Gala! Read the latest California Freemason feature now.

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Masonic Homes Month is the perfect opportunity to recognize the remarkable accomplishments of Masonic relief in California. Follow these helpful tips for starting a celebration of your own.

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The program, which included remarks by several lodge members, as well as music, was accompanied by a mouth-watering four-course meal. Each guest received a printed program and menu card listing the courses.

Presented in French, the menu suggests a high level of elegance. For hundreds of years, sharing meals with brothers has been a treasured Masonic tradition. Join us for a trip around the world from Masonic tables to toasts and beyond! As Masons, we have made the choice to join a group of like-minded individuals to assist in our personal growth and improvement. Many of us have chosen to become leaders within this fraternity, as we find this aspect of the craft to be fulfilling.

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A priority of the Fraternity Plan is to make a positive impact on society. When public schools get the support they need, that impact is made not only in classrooms, but in the future of each student.

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If the Masonic Order is a secret society, someone sure messed up. Freemasonry has to be one of the worst kept secrets in history. Masons wear rings, tie clasps, buttons, pins, et cetera.

Masons hardly keep it a secret that they belong to the local lodge. Ask a Mason if they are one, and they never deny it. In fact, they are usually quite proud of their membership and quickly tell you so. The Lodge buildings are clearly marked on the outside.

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The address and phone numbers are listed in phone books. The local lodge activities are often announced in newspapers. Answering machines typically list future lodge activities. Of course they do.