How to Write and Sell Articles on The Kindle, Nook, iPad And Other E-readers

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You can bet that this is the most dynamic area in publishing and self-publishing right now, and will continue to be crucial for publishers going forward. You can expect to see a lot of coverage on the design, conversion, creation and marketing of ebooks as the months unfold. Safe journey! Image licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. Self-Publishing in the Digital Age While book lovers may mourn the printed book as the main unit of text consumption, the growth of ebooks has been a real boon to self-publishers. Amazon Kindle Amazon Kindle vs. But you can't change the world with a book that's still on your hard drive or in a box under your bed.

This blog exists to help you get that book into people's hands. Devices such as Kindle, Nook and Kobo are all suffering from a rapid drop off in sales. Yet readers are still buying and reading e-books. Data from Statista shows the decline of ereader sales in more detail:. If you own a Kindle from , you will know that it is almost exactly the same as the current model. In fact, I believe my old 2nd gen Kindle is better, as it came with an audio connector, which was removed from later models.

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Waterstones decided to stop Kindle sales. Again from Pew, the data tells the story. Smartphones and tablets are the choices of ebook readers.

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But titles and chapter headings of 24pt or more will look positively huge on a smartphone screen and distract badly from readability. In the past, checking a new ebook on a Kindle or iPad using a reading app such as the Kindle App or iBooks was sufficient to be sure that the formatting was all in order. Now, though, with the change in the reading market and how people read books, it will be essential to check any new ebook on a smartphone, before publication.

Revenue from e-book sales in the United States from to in billion U. PwC expects the revenue will grow from 2. This is no surprise because the fact fits with the logic that device buyers see no reason to buy specialised devices when one will do most tasks. Even if the battery life is not as good as a dedicated e-reader.

Note that sometimes Apple's copy might not be the most recent copy from the Project Gutenberg site, since we often update our automated conversion procedures. If you live outside the U. Project Gutenberg would like to thank Apple for providing devices for evaluation in and Here are apps we know of that will work outside of the U. Other apps we have heard about include Goodreads and WattPad. Eucalyptus is a paid ebook reader for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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It provides over 20, Project Gutenberg titles, converted from text. The Eucalyptus developers pay a proportion of their gross proceeds to Project Gutenberg as royalties. It implements a speed reading technique that teaches you how to read faster. Michael Hart was a proponent of eBooks on mobile devices. He offered these ideas in February This guidance might not be directly applicable to all of today's portable devices. Before actually plunking down that much money, I suggest trying reading Project Gutenberg and other eBooks on the laptops, notebooks, netbooks, cellphones or PDAs already in your collection of devices.

I have known many people who have read very lengthy works on their cellphone, PDA or whatever while standing in lines over a period of one or two weeks and are have thus doubled their book number per year without taking any extra time.

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If you adjust the font, color, size, etc. However, we do sometimes post reviews. In my own experiences in electronics over some 55 years, it has been obvious that the greatest value lies in some products that include multiple functions, such as what a hifi person would call a "receiver" which includes amps, preamps, equalizers, tuners and various other functions.

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Each amp, preamp, equalizer and tuner could be had quite readily as a separate box with a separate power supply-- complete with it's own transformer, AC cord, box, panels and and decorations, knobs, lights, etc. Believe it or not, if you look at the inventory of parts of any of these items it is the pretty front panel costs the most, then the knobs, then the ugly box with the big clunky power supply that converts the AC to DC, etc. I apologize, but I can't remember all the details, but I was totally astounded at finding out that was quite true in whole general hifi world.

As a result, the first computer I ever bought was like a hifi receiver in respects, as it had everything in a big chassis that held the monitor, drives, printer, cards in one with the keyboard above the motherboard. It did not take as much space, it did not require as many cables or other interfaces, it took only one AC socket, and, every single part was completely adjusted to the system.

I have built computers totally from parts many time, and done the same with many other electronics and I've never been a fan of having all the separate boxes.

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However, I must admit that the very best, if you are going to spend as much on each box as I was spending on entire systems, are available only in separate boxes. Jump to: navigation , search. Project Gutenberg Mobile Site.

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App Store Lexcycle Stanza. App Store MegaReader. App Store QuickReader. Category : How-To.

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