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This was heartwarming and truly smile-inducing, and I think is really going to make an amazing beach read during the warmer temperatures! Which becomes extremely popular with tourists ever summer. Her estranged mother agrees to stay with her, while she tries to enjoy the summer working at none other than River Depot with Aiden. And these two young adults quickly realize that they need to make the best out of these next three months of summer, because once it is over their senior years of high school will change everything.

My only real complaints are that the problems in this book really never felt like problems. They for sure felt like the set up of problems, but things always seemed to resolve quickly, and I never really felt scared about what was going to happen. And this is totally fine and valid, just not something that I completely enjoy reading. I will also say that I thought there was going to be hearing and visual disability rep in this book, which there was, but it was only temporary visual and hearing disabilities.

But please be warned if you are going into this also looking forward to reading about that representation. But I loved the main characters, I loved seeing them rely on one another, I loved seeing them grow as people singularly, but also grow together, and I loved every scene with the two of them! Overall, I do recommend this one!

When Summer Ends by Jessica Pennington

Trigger and Content Warning for abandonment, neglect, and underage drinking. View 1 comment. I received an ARC of this book for free as part of a Storygram book tour. I give this book 4. When I first started this book, I just thought it would be your typical YA summer romance book. Something generic and cliched. But it ended up exceeding my expectations and being so much more. This book was so damn cute. Aiden and Olivia had such a cute relationship. Like that is the teen summer romance that I have always wanted. They were so good together and brought out the I received an ARC of this book for free as part of a Storygram book tour.

They were so good together and brought out the best in each other. They complemented each other so well.

And Aiden in general is just amazing. I also enjoyed the writing style. It was easy and effortless and the POV changes were done very well. Because of this, reading this book was a breeze. I flew through it. I loved that this book dealt with a teenager with vision loss. The only critique I have is that I wanted a little bit more closure in the epilogue. It warmed my heart this winter- with its sunshine and summer feel. In When Summer Ends, we follow two teenagers Aiden and Olivia - who discover how an unexpected turn of fate can bring new love to heal old wounds.

I really enjoyed the characters and the book as a whole was just a quick fun read. The writing was simple and flowed nicely. The story was about how when you're in high school you think your life is headed in one direction but then so 4 Stars!!


The story was about how when you're in high school you think your life is headed in one direction but then something happens and it makes you rethink where you are headed. Or in this case, make you wake up to realize there is more to your future than you thought there could be. I totally recommend this one! Thank you to netgalley for this arc. Disclaimer: I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I loved this adorable book! The only bad thing was reading in the winter instead of summer. It made me miss the warm weather even more.

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This book has two points of view. Aiden and Olivia. I liked both equally. The book starts off with Olivia getting fitted for a bridesmaid dress for her boyfriend, Zander's, sister.

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Olivia and Zander started off as friends and then started dating a couple year I loved this adorable book! Olivia and Zander started off as friends and then started dating a couple years ago. His family always wanted them together and Olivia feels like they are her family, too. She lives with her aunt because her mom took off to "find herself" and she doesn't know her dad.

So Zander's normal family makes her feel normal, too. Olivia finds out that her aunt got a job in Arizona and she may have to move away. She asks Zander if she could stay at his house and he basically breaks up with her. He doesn't think a long distance relationship is possible. He leaves for his family's lake home right after this. Aiden is the star pitcher for his school. He's only a junior, but everyone talks about him.

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He's Emerson on the field. He ends up getting hit in the face after pitching a bad game that ended their season. What no one knew was that Aiden is having vision problems. Not one that can be corrected by glasses or surgery. He's getting shots that will hopefully help, but he can't drive and quit the baseball team. Aiden gets a job at his family's business for the summer and wants to focus on his art. Olivia ends up working with Aiden. She doesn't really know him well at first, but they start spending a lot of time together.

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He doesn't tell her about his vision and she doesn't mention the break up. They start growing closer. Aiden involves her with his art and she talks to him about her writing and her family issues. But she never tells him that she might have to move. Her mom also shows up and Olivia is trying to find a way to be around her without the resentment. Olivia and Aiden obviously fall in love. This is a summer romance book.

But they do have a lot of issues to work through to make it work. I adored this relationship.

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I loved that Aiden felt like Aiden instead of Emerson. I loved that Olivia realized that her relationship with Zander was just comfortable, but that she was just doing everything to please him. Zander never really went out of his way the way Aiden does. I also have to mention a couple side characters. I would read a book featuring these two. I loved them that much. Olivia's best friend, Emma, was just fun.

I loved their friendship and wish we would have seen a little more of that. Ellis is Aiden's cousin and he also works at River Depot. I adored him, too.

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The setting at River Depot was perfect for summer.