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Campbell Memorial Award in for his novel Untied Kingdom. Ballard and John Wyndham.

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His subject matter is often the corrupting effects of wealth and commercialism, and recurring motifs are duality and the clash or reconciliation of opposites. Lovegrove has a fondness for wordplay, not only in his prose but sometimes as a plot device, as in the back-to-back double novella Gig , where palindromes form a key part of the narrative, and the novel Provender Gleed , whose cast of characters includes a pair of detectives who solve crimes through the use of anagrams.

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Recently Lovegrove has moved into the Young Adult field, writing a series of fantasy novels under a pseudonym Jay Amory. These have been translated into nine languages so far. He has also written a number of short novels published by Barrington Stoke, a company specialising in books for reluctant readers.

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Two of his titles for that company have been longlisted for the Manchester Book Award. As an illustrator, Lovegrove has executed design and poster work for Flying Pig Systems, makers of the Wholehog range of lighting control products, and drew the pictures for the Echo Beach line of postcards and T-shirts. O Insanely rich and richly insane.

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O With world-spanning business interests, glamour and power, they are monarchs, Mafia and movie stars rolled into one. O Venice has been reconstructed in all its glory in the grounds of their estate, Dashlands, and should provide the perfect romantic backdrop for Provender - the young, disaffected Gleed heir upon whom the Family line, and status, depends - finally to find a wife. O But Provender shows no sign of settling down with any of the social beauties his mother parades before him The future of the Gleeds, and of Europe,Odepends onOthe skills of two Anagrammatic Detectives - while Provender's own future depends on the dark eyes and equally dark wit of a girl called Is.

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Review quote "Provender Gleed emerges as some of its author's best work thus far. Its satire strikes vigorously home in the end, and its motivating love story is wonderfully conceived and handled. It's a novel with a unique feel and one in which its hugely talented author balances the comedy and the drama perfectly.

Arise to Conquer by Ian Gleed, John Strachey (Paperback, 2010)

Highly recommended. There a few things sweeter than reading a writer who's so absolutely in love with the English language, and Lovegrove is clearly head over heels. An entirely quieter sort of British SF. More often than not used as faint praise, in this case it encompasses both the pacing of the plot as well as the book's overall readability.

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