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I'll admit, like many others, the first time I read it, I didn't love it immediately. I may have even forced my enthusiasm for awhile. With every additional read, I see more and more of the aforementioned genius. Tiny, seemingly insignificant things that are easily overlooked in the thrill of first discovery, but at a second glance. He's crass in the barracks without crossing a line into juvenile bathroom humor. He uses innuendo without being cheesy--any females out there who didn't swoon at the mention of a helldiver's dexterous fingers?

They say Mercury is the trickster, but your japes always have a certain… flair! You have been warned. By bloggers, by publicists, by other authors. Then jeers and makes rude gestures at it. BUT Brown is clever about it. It creeps up on you until you forget why Darrow is where he is.

You're caught up in the NOW, survival depends on the present, and little thought is given to the past or the future. The castes are based on the eugenically modified eye color of a person. Pinks who sometimes have wings among other fantastical features created by Violets. And then there are the Golds. The Golds that are in charge. How well they play determines their futures, with the victorious team members being assured fame and fortune. There are no rules once the ten month-long game begins, but killing other Golds is frowned upon.

Enter Darrow, a Red from the lowest-level caste. His job, along with the other Reds, is to mine Helium-3 which is essential in terraforming. As soon as terraforming is complete, the Reds will return to the surface as the rightful rulers of the planet that was built on their backs.

I could go on and on and on about this book. Though it is for unfathomable reasons listed as YA, I can tell you that I will not be getting it for my youngest 14 y. I can also tell you that if you read this book, you will run the full gamut of emotions—I did anyway.

View all 98 comments. Dec 11, Dorreh rated it really liked it. It's like The Martian marries the hunger games, then the hunger games gets into an affair with the game of Thrones. I think that speaks for itself, but let's elaborate further just for the sake of my sanity shall we??


The gripping part to me was not the romance which was pretty g It's like The Martian marries the hunger games, then the hunger games gets into an affair with the game of Thrones. The gripping part to me was not the romance which was pretty good, oh and that shocking last minute turn , or the action, or even the admirable albeit familiar setting, it was simply the touch of reality in Darrow's character.

Most authors create a symbolic hero, self less, honorable, and self sacrificial to a point of outrage. This wasn't the case here. Although Darrow is a boy who knows love and loyalty, anger and betrayal, he is a touch more down to earth. Yes he is self less and all, but he's a realistic kind of selfless, a person with relatable abilities, a character that stands out, but is still only human.

It started from Eo and her indulging him in her ideas. You see were this any other novel, he would have probably jumped at the idea of a revolution, of change, because well, he is the main protagonist, he is supposed to be wise beyond his years and so open minded and fearless that nothing else really matters.

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But Darrow isn't, he like any other real person depressed by years of brainwashing knows fear, see's the reality of his limitations, and is actually afraid of consequences. And why this was so gripping to me is that he is given space to grow, to overcome fears that are logical and real, he is not fearless, but he learns to be brave. He masters courage, and finds love where he looked for revenge. Also the great page turner was the shock that came right before the game was over, twins?!?!

Who would have thought, I had considered lovers or allies, but that one came so fast and out of nowhere it kinda made me stumble there for a minute. Even though i had a soft spot in me for mustang since the very beginning, and then she nailed her territory in my heart when she saved Darrow's life. And Cassius made me want to punch someone, even though at the same time I sympathized with him.

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Who can get over the blood of a loved one easily? Despite all the great aspects this book had, I had trouble keeping up with the literature at times. The author did quite a splendid job, truly, but I guess his style of writing just didn't sync with me to well. There were times when I had focus harder on a sentence to catch its meaning, it didn't let me float through the words and let my imagination free like I usually do with books. So I guess those small confusions were my only true complaint about this book.

Red Rising

But will I be reading the rest? Oh, definitely yes, wouldn't miss it for the world. Can't wait to see how he will conquer or fall in this tale. View all 30 comments. Shelves: owned-physical-books. Is this book geared towards YA audience?


Everything else; the writing, plot, themes, and world-building, in my opinion, belongs in the adult territory. Is this book 4. Is this book really similar to The Hunger Games? Honestly, there were a few similarities, especially during the competition. I personally think that putting The Hunger Games in the same league with Red Rising is a disservice to this book. Rage, politics, love, vengeance, sadness, hierarchy, racism, and slavery were heavily evident in the book.

The characters in this book were incredibly easy to get attached to. I absolutely loved his prose; easy to follow and the pacing was bloody relentless.

The book felt naturally fast-paced, utterly readable, and the words he chose were raw, full of rage, brutal and also poignant at times. Almost every scene, whether it was superb actions, strategic planning, or even when the characters were just talking with each other pumped my blood with adrenaline rush. Words like hatred, vengeance, justice, rage were often used that reading the book reminded me of Kratos from the God of War video game series. The only minor problems I had with Red Rising was the world-building aspect. However, the area where the competition took place feels like Earth even though the setting is on Mars.

Red Rising was already fantastic to me and I truly enjoyed reading it. Filled with an amazing plot, brutal actions, well-paced storyline, fantastic characterizations, and believable development; Red Rising was a fantastic start to a sci-fi series and I immensely enjoyed it.

This book was so well made and always forced me to think ahead, to anticipate what would come next and to try to figure out how the MC would handle the situation! Just like Darrow I constantly found myself wondering who was going to stab him in the back and who would try to support him!

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And let me tell you this: There were really, really many unexpected twists and turns!!! There were already so many changes in the first pages, it was really crazy!!! I mean seriously crazy! But oh boy, did I love it! XD It was an incredible rollercoaster that left me gasping for more and of course I already ordered the second book!

Because, well, Pierce Brown deserves it! That makes some of us nastyminded folks. Not everyone has what it takes to be a Helldiver and Darrow no doubt is one of the best Mars has to offer. A lie the Golds have told them to make them obedient and to keep them under their thumb, and a lie that cost Darrow everything! As a boy who has nothing left to lose and everything to gain Darrow decides to make a stand, ascending from the depths of Mars, his only aim the destruction of the society that has betrayed them for so long.

So yeah, consider yourself warned!!!