Secrets for New Managers

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An independent worker is an effective worker.

Tips to Become a Successful New Manager

You hold the authority to give them the necessary resources. Equip your team with proper training, excellent tools and adequate resources so that they can work to the best of their abilities. On your part, you also need to delegate work effectively and avoid micromanaging.

If you don't let them run with their ideas they will never learn to fly. Each employee will bring a different skill set to the company and respond to different employee recognition strategies. They all have their own employee strengths that, if nurtured in the right way, can be used to benefit the company. It's on you, as their manager, to identify and draw out these talents.

1. Teach the basics and instil great working practices

Once identified, you can work with the employee to figure out the best way to use their skills and what additional training they might want or need to take it to the next level. Your relationship with each employee is important, but the way the whole team interacts is vital.

Of course, team culture is not something you can force; it will evolve naturally on its own but you can steer it in the right direction by being aware of opportunities when they arise and involving the whole team. When you step into a managerial position, your team will take cues from your attitude, enthusiasm and work ethic - or lack thereof. In the same way that attitudes trickle down, so does behaviour. For example, if you want everyone to be on time to team meetings, show up early yourself.

Practice what you preach or your employees won't be happy when you expect from them what you don't give yourself. Learn to listen first before responding and show respect for what your employees say when they do come to you. In this age of remote offices, letting employees know you're available takes more than just leaving your office door open. You have to encourage them to come to you with any questions and remind them that, even if you are not available right now, you will do everything you can to make time for them.

As co-author Ken Blanchard explains in an article for Ignite! The One Minute Manager was in charge. He set the goals. He decided who to praise.

Managing People : Secrets to Leading for New Managers ( Collins Best Practices)

He decided who to reprimand. Today, leadership is much more side-by-side. Created as a fun, easy-to-read parable, the heart and soul of the new book are three One Minute Secrets that make a big difference in helping people succeed. To identify helpful trends, try these tactics:. The Benefit: Stepping outside of your four walls whether physically or virtually can lead you to new — and valuable — territory.

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The Secret: Does your company develop a yearly operating plan that aligns all of the functional areas of your organization, like sales, manufacturing, procurement, etc.? Make sure you have a seat at that table. Making a contingency plan can help keep things moving.

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Start with these steps:. The Secret: Sourcing and selling products and services based on more than just cost can help you stand out in the crowd. When it comes to your supply chain, consider factors like:. The Benefit: When you look beyond economics and consider social and ecological factors, too, it will result in true quality along the supply chain and a feather in your cap, too.

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Do you have more questions about becoming a better shipping and logistics manager? What Do You Do Now? TW FB. Tips 10 01 Do you have a goal to reduce your annual supply chain fulfillment costs? Lots of people do, and lots of those people look to transportation as a way to do it. So, you've got a batch of computer parts in Asia that need to be delivered to an assembly plant in New Jersey in 24 hours.

What transportation mode do you choose? Or, what if you need to ship 10, tons of bulk grain from St.

Best Practices: Managing People: Secrets to Leading for New Managers | Barry Silverstein | download

Louis to New Orleans? Is rail the best option? Or barge? Weighing the pros and cons of various modes can be overwhelming, especially when you need a reliable solution that makes the most sense for your business. Do you keep hearing about Precision Scheduled Railroading but wonder what that really means? How are those goals achieved?