The Seance Society: A Mystery (ONelligan and Plunkett)

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So interesting to look at as a specific year. It must be fun to immerse yourself, though challenging to get it right.

Ghost Stories & Mysteries with Michael Nethercott (Burlington)

I look forward to reading the book! Thanks, Edith and J. Yes, It was interesting to latch onto a particular year and see what things were historically in play —the folk revival, the beat scene, McCarthyism, etc — to find the building blocks for my tale. There proved to be a rich smorgasbord of events to choose from.

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Thanks for joining us today! Thanks for stopping by Michael. Got a call this afternoon from one of my zillion aunts offering congrats on my book. Just found out from her that my paternal great-grandmother was actually born in the Village, on Jane Street. I had no idea! Maybe my long-gone great-grandmama was hovering over my shoulder as I wrote The Haunting Ballad…. Looks to be an awesome read Michael. Enjoy the Beat poets and that entire era of music and literature. Used to see the one of the legends of West Coast Beats, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, at a lunch joint in North Beach in the 90s, still going strong.

John: yes indeed, Ferlinghetti is 95! A living monument to that literary era.

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I actually have a year-old suspect in my novel, so Mr. F would just be a whippersnapper to him. Thanks, Michael for being with us today! I love the premise of your series and also your character names! Glad you like the character banes, Jessie!

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I actually spend a crazy amount of time trying to get them just so…. I love how you describe your sleuthing team—and the perpetual fiancee! And Mrs. Pattinshell is a great name. Best of luck with installment 2. A winner! Nethercott is a talented writer who, in Lee Plunkett and Mr. Hours Mon-Fri Sat: Sun: Market Block Books. Skip to main content. The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza. By Michael Nethercott.

Email or call for price. I loved this book. The characters are all very distinguishable from one another simply by their dialogue.

There is some very subtle humor among the police officers that fits perfectly making everything smoothly believable. The chapters written from the point of view of the tailor are dark and mesmerizing. The information on forensic pathology and the new art of fingerprinting is fascinating. In her travels between the Waking World and Traumund the dream world Abigail Crabtree is finding that life awake or asleep is full of mystery. Her Godfather pays her way into a learning institution only to find the classes available to her teach nothing but personal preening.

Meanwhile, in Traumund, the entire world is under attack by the Vulture Men. Abigail leaves school to stay with her Godfather, but is this her best move?

The Séance Society

Ask Suicide Sylvia. Kidnapping, ghosts, an evil maid, an old monastery, a mysterious woman in the basement Fidelis, living in a small province of England. Though the magistrate himself is suspect number one, far too many other suspects keep popping up, and then turning up dead themselves. As the story unravels, the coroner is faced with weighing his personal ethics against the law.

Ripper is a historical re-imagining of Jack the Ripper remixed with a bit of steampunk. Orphan Carver Young has hit the ripe old age of 14 and is sent out to find his own way in the world. Recruited by the New Pinkerton Agency, Carver decides to use this training to find his father, who clues suggest may be still alive. In the meantime, his official assignment is to find the culprit of the Ripper-styled murders that are taking place in New York City, while staying out of the way of Police Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt.

Petrucha's Pinkerton is hidden in the temporarily-abandoned tunnels of the planned subway system, allowing for another, more secretive level of mystery, and giving a home to the steampunk elements. Ripper is written in short action packed chapters that keep the pulse of the story and that of the reader moving quickly to the stunning end. The wars of New York City are heating up in Nationality, religion, and sibling rivalry all play starring roles in this intriguing historyical mystery.

Author Lyndsay Faye writes a gritty and compelling fictional story that clues the reader into the fledgling days of the New York City police department and social issues of a turbulent time in American history. Current nominee for the Edgar Award in the paperback original category, The Faces of Angels is written in a hauntingly atmospheric tone that brings to mind Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca.

American art history student Mary Warren returns to Florence, Italy, years after having survived a brutal attack that ended in the death of her new husband. Although assured by the Florence police that her husband's killer is dead, on her return she finds recurring reports of women being attacked in the same manner as she was. It could only be the same man, or someone in her circle of trusted friends with an unspoken personal vendetta against her.

Author Grindle is expert in her ability to make everyone a viable suspect while at the same time revealing in each character the impossibility of their being Mary's nemesis. In reading this book it is often possible for the reader to forget the current period in which the story is set, often feeling as if we've stepped back in time. In most books this would be seen as a failing, but in The Faces of Angels it only adds to the mystery of the story and to the mystery of Florence itself.

Skip to main content. My Account. Nicole Porter. Hal Holbrook and Nicole Nicole Porter N ;P is a fan of historical and medical mysteries as well as a touch of light fantasy to cleanse the pallet. By Michael Nethercott. Rooftoppers Hardcover. Availability: Usually Ships in Days. Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl Paperback. By David Barnett. Published: Tor Books - September 10th, Seven for a Secret Hardcover.

By Lyndsay Faye.