The Silver Sword (The Dream Merchant Saga: Book Two 2)

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Glass walls or at least big windows on three sides, lots of plants, space to leave your muddy boots before entering the rest of the house, and informal places to sit and read. Maybe we could camp out in there on warm summer nights. All sounds pretty good. Most sane people would say I have a ridiculously large number of perfume samples, decants, and bottles, more than I can use in a decade. Also chocolate. Not a day goes by without my nibbling bittersweet Ghirardelli chocolate chips. Facebook Author Page. Mike Roche is an adjunct instructor of Criminal Justice and retired from the U. Secret Service.

I am an eclectic writer.

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Oh yeah, I have also written a nonfiction rapport building and observation techniques based on my experience with the Secret Service, called Face 2 Face. I am working on a historical fiction along with several other works in progress. With the contraction of the publishing industry, the opportunity to become traditionally published is becoming more daunting.

Many of the New York Times best sellers can hold up countless rejection letters from agents and publishers. All of the Indie authors I have known are dedicated to their profession and craft. Is it important for you to know the ending of a book before you write it? The title? I have a general sense of where the book will end, but it is fluid.

I enjoy escaping with my fictional friends and letting them make the final decision. As I came towards the end, I decided to add an unexpected twist.

Aside from Coins of Death , each of my works has had a number of title changes. Please, tell us about your experiences with social media. What are your favorite and least-favorite parts of it? I have a blog on my website at Mikeroche. I have a Facebook page and LinkedIn, but I really do not promote those platforms.

I spend most of my time on Twitter. As I told you and wrote a post on this, I was like the teenager making their way into the cool surf of the Jersey Shore. As I became more acclimated, I have made many online friends. It is a beautiful community, where most everyone is accepted. Just like at Thanksgiving, stay away from religion and politics. There is a considerable time commitment to engage in the community, but it is invigorating when you interact with friends, fans and other writers.

I am always impressed by those that are gracious and humble. Many of those on Twitter are willing to share and help promote others. Like the pioneer days when they would have a barn-raising in which the community collected together to help a neighbor. Being Irish, Twitter reminds me of the pub mentality, where everyone drops in and huddles around the bar sharing gossip and stories.

Despite spending a career in law enforcement, I still have to fact check and I have a considerable library of reference books. Technology is always changing. In Face 2 Face , my bibliography was eleven pages. I am working on an historical fiction on Irish immigration and there was considerable research involved. I typically do not allow anyone to read until the first draft is complete.

There are too many dream stealers that dampen the synergy. I did share Karma! I wanted to gauge the interest of the young adult target audience.

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At the 8, word mark I shared the beginning with my daughter. She was in her late teens, so I continued when she gave me the thumbs up. Most authors I speak with are hurt personally by negative reviews. Most everyone is stung from rejection.

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We have invested a great deal of time and money in the project. Due to the anonymity of the internet, some reviews can be very caustic and some have an agenda. I use my wife as a filter. She reads the good ones and if there is a negative one with valid criticism, she will paraphrase for me. Author Joe Konrath has beat the gavel on this issue as well. My first cover artist went missing. In a panic, I went looking for a replacement. His cover artist is Lynn Hansen, and she has been fun to work with.

A good cover is well worth the investment. Do it yourself covers, often have that appearance. My writing is based upon an amalgam of experiences and characters that I met in my 33 years in law enforcement. I enjoy writing complex plots, and hosting an eclectic group of characters thrown into a caldron. I am heavy on dialogue and let the characters tell the story as they expose their personality. I live in Tampa and I love it. It is a great walking city as is New York. I enjoy the diversity of the entertainment and dining experiences in large cities.

Dublin and London would also be high on my list since I sunburn easily. I enjoy creating culinary delights in my kitchen, but I still fall back on NY Pizza. My least favorite is anything that swims. I cook it, but I will not eat seafood. Loyalty, integrity and dependability. I love someone that feels comfortable enough to ask for a favor and one that will offer a favor without being asked.

My last published novel was released in October It is a YA fantasy co-written with my teenaged daughter Nia. The latest book I am in the process of writing is the 10 th novel in the Imago Chronicles series, an adult epic fantasy. The first three novels in the Imago Chronicles series have been optioned for a major motion picture trilogy planned for a worldwide theatrical release in Many use professional editors, use feedback from Beta readers and hire professional cover designers to put out products as good as, if not better, than some traditionally published titles!

The story is the journey the characters undertake to get to that ending. Do you have any advice to a new author if they asked you whether to pursue the traditional route to publishing or to start out as an independent writer? If your ultimate goal is to have your stories read, then indie is probably a great way to go, but I still run into aspiring authors who believe that unless you are traditionally published, you have no credibility as an author.

It comes down to the individual and what your expectations are. Many authors do giveaways; have you found them a successful way to promote your book? I found the amount I received from the sequels being borrowed from the Lending Library was less than I would have received if I had sold the sequels instead.

I also discovered that those who invested in the books by buying them were more inclined to read that first book. I even had some crossing over from the Imago series to read the other books in the Dream Merchant series, and vice versa, once they were done just to keep reading my novels. This is a very gratifying feeling! Have you been involved with the Kindle Direct Program?

As I said in the above question, those who had invested by paying for it were the ones returning for more! I feel uncomfortable letting Amazon have a monopoly on book sales and I believe readers should be able to buy from the retailer of their choice. Plus, if you switch from say a Kindle to a Kobo or iPad, if you bought through Smashwords, you can transfer these titles. Apparently, you cannot do this with Amazon purchases.

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You must buy them again to download onto your new reader! Least favorite: Beef vegetable soup from a can. It looks fabulous! Second surprise that was not so cool? Cassius Shuman is an acclaimed journalist, playwright, screenwriter, and novelist who grew up in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

After an arm injury derailed his dreams of playing professional baseball, he segued into broadcast journalism, which established the foundation for his writing and producing career. He resides in Los Angeles, where he works in the television, film, and communications business. It is about a missing boy, the family who loves him and the man who abducted him. I started in the broadcasting business where I wrote and produced daily newscasts. I have written numerous stage plays, screenplays and short stories. His friend now advised him to get a hive for them, which he did without delay; and immediately it was filled by a whole swarm of bees, which came flying from over the wall in great numbers.