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Not at all an appearance acceptable to the headmaster at Bamfylde. But comfortable and a la mode in London and New York these days. Duttine, like the hero of the series based upon the book by R. Delderfield, hails from a mining town, but in Yorkshire rather than Wales. He, too, attended state schools rather than upper-class public the equivalent of American private schools. He says Bamfylde, the fictional school, is supposed to be in Devon. And the students were of the upper class or military.

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In what class would Duttine place himself? English society used to be a great deal more black and white. You had the aristocracy and you had the middle classes and they seldom combined. I suppose what has happened is that the middle class has expanded into both the aristocracy and the working class.

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Middle-class people do send their children to public read private schools now, because they have the money to be able to do that. But the class differences are still there nevertheless. Duttine is proud of the fact that he has been complimented on his Welsh accent by many Welshmen. And the guy who plays my brother and the girl who plays my mother were both Welsh. I also have a Welsh sister-in-law, and I know Wales quite well - my girlfriend comes from Chester, on the border of Wales.

So I had a lot of people to help me through.

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Duttine was voted best television actor of the year by TV Times magazine in England for the ''To Serve'' series, but he has been acting mostly in movies since then. I play a terrorist leader in a film called 'Who Dares Win,' which you may be seeing in America soon. I would like to go back into the theater and do some Shakespeare now. Hamlet and Macbeth, especially. Duttine is amused that wherever he goes, wherever ''To Serve'' is shown - it has already been sold to Australia, New Zealand, France, and West Germany - everybody relates it to Mr.

Chips, ''that story was too sentimental, whereas our story is more involved in the politics and catastrophes and the wars. More of the outside world. Does he like the fact that a teacher is used as the hero of the piece, that he serves as a rather good role model for young people? I found fine guidance from a teacher in a state school who persuaded me that I was good at acting. She helped me become aware of myself. In this capacity, he introduced me to socialism And he quarreled with me.

Finally he left me. Nothing stuck except the socialism. No scars. Howarth: Anyone who doubts that a new dark age is coming upon us has only to spend a few hours with lower fourth. I despair, I despair. I am, as you all know, a pacifist by nature and conviction; but if a German soldier were attacking Pinkerton Minor, I'd be hard put to it not to come to his aid. The German soldier's, I mean. Algy Herries: I always like it when people say "with the greatest respect.

Cordwainer: A pencil becomes a pencil stub when it is too small to hold with the fingers. Take it back and sharpen it. My goodness, Foxson, if we were all as prodigal as you, this country would have no battleships. Briarley: [about Powlett-Jones] Look at him pounding away. Do you think he's got a screw loose?

To Serve Them All My Days

Boyer: Of course he has. Wouldn't be here otherwise.

Mind you, he's his own special sort of loony. No, he's just a pro-Hun loony. Pro-Jerry loony? Well, he should know. David Powlett-Jones: [to Alcock after he expels Hislop for holding a bet on Sports Day] Good God, man, if you expelled every boy who told a lie or made a bet you'd have no pupils left to pitch up and bully! He'd have taken the whole cadet corps out onto the moor and marched them into a bog. Boyer: [giving David the book "Memoirs of Sergeant Bourgogne"] Do you remember, sir, back in the fifth, you said that if we wanted to know what war was really like, we should read that?

You said you'd lost your own copy at Ypres or somewhere. Boyer: What you said about it then, sir, was that it helped you get through. No matter how bad things were at the front, those 18th century soldiers had it worse, and if Sergeant Bourgogne could get through his war, then, well, maybe you could get through yours.

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David Powlett-Jones: [after a student criticizes the coal strike] When I was a young boy That's 4am to midday. When I got home that evening, my father and two of my brothers were dead. Their bodies were never recovered. It was judged to be too expensive to be worth it. David Powlett-Jones: This is my first go at teaching - teaching schoolboys, that is.

Up till now, the only teaching I've done is trying to teach recruits to look after themselves and not get shot their first week out. There wasn't time to be patient, see, and I never had to learn to suffer fools gladly. That might take me a bit of time, Mr. Until I do, maybe you'd better keep your head down, eh? Ellie Herries: Oh, he'd never do that. You're Algy's bright idea. I'm afraid failure isn't a possible option for you.

Christine Forster: Politics is full of people who can't cope with their own lives. I worry about that a lot. David Powlett-Jones: Do you know what he's done now? He's started a sort of purge on friendships. He can't see two boys walking around the school without thinking they're, well, perverted. He's got a mind like a sewer. Algy Herries: Strong words, David. That kind of thing can be a very difficult problem for a Head, you know.

Algy Herries: You know, I always like it when people say "With the greatest respect. Algy Herries: Teaching's a job, you know. You'd just be selling your labor, wouldn't you? You wouldn't be selling your soul. Nothing magical about teaching, it's just a job like any other.

Ellie Herries: [to Powlett-Jones] Oh, he'd never do that. Julia Darbyshire: David, haven't I made it perfectly clear in the most shameful and immodest way that I am quite determined to seduce you? Howarth has tried to console him but has now let him go for a walk on his own on the moors, for which Algy Herries is reprimanding Howarth.

Howarth: But if I were, I should probably do what is usually called "something silly". Howarth: Damn it, man, I don't choose to defend myself! PJ's his own man. What I said to him is entirely between him and me.