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The gory figures were based on the characters from the classic Ghostbusters movie - the main selling point being that the eyes and tongue of the characters bulged out when they were squeezed. The Japanese hand-held game console is undoubtedly famous in modern pop culture after its mainstream popularity during The series had ten different figures - a team of five good guys, and five enemies with featured vehicles and accessories. But even with a full-colour back lit screen and a landscape format, the console couldn't edge Gameboy at being the most popular console, due to its short battery life and lack of original games.

The brand was criticised for apparently using the same cartoon-esque appearance on their figures as the Wrestling Superstars line from LJN. Originally played with caps from pretty much any old bottle, the game evolved to using specifically POG branded caps. The player kept any POGs that landed face up after their go.

These are the best-selling Christmas toys from the 80s and 90s… so how many do YOU remember?

Huge in America thanks to an appearance on Rosie O'Donnell's chat show, versions of the doll were soon swapping hands for hundreds of pounds. Two shoppers in Chicago were arrested for fighting over one of the toys, and in a Canadian Wal-Mart an employee was injured by stampeding shoppers after being spotted carrying a box of the toys. Sesame Street was big in the UK too, so Elmo fever quickly spread.

Although it seemed to cause children distress when their little virtual pet Tamagotchi died, these toys were the major obsession of Tamagotchi creatures originated from an alien species, who lay eggs and leave them with the player. They have to care for it and teach it about life on Earth along the way.

Originally from Japan, the pocket sized pet would die within half an hour of being unused or "uncared" for. Their high maintenance led to schools banning the toy due to the distraction it was causing. The Weird Part : BB-8 could record and transmit video, so you had to watch what you were doing in case the federal gover—uh, First Order was watching. Where to Buy It Today: amazon. The Big Deal : Remember Frozen? Sure you do.

You couldn't get "Let It Go" out of your head. Disney's hottest movie of was inevitably the hottest toy franchise for a long time to come, and Elsa led the pack. The Big Deal : Honestly, this one's not a surprise, because Elmo has completely dominated the holidays over the years. Seriously, click through, this guy's been putting up Jordan numbers since the '90s. Anyway, this one hugged you.

I think we could all use it now, Elmo. The Big Deal: The first "eighth-generation" video game console was also the first in Nintendo's lineup to offer HD graphics. Best of all, it would be joined by "Super Mario 3D" world a year later, one of the best Mario games in years.

The Weird Part: The Miiverse, a social network of Wii avatars Mii , which let gamers communicate with other players from around the world. The Big Deal: In , the character that never fails to captivate toy-market watchers one of whom actually called this "virtually the only exciting product" of the season applied a more mature instinct: Elmo was a bona fide rock star, albeit a very polite one.

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The Weird Part: That Elmo paired surprisingly well with a certain adult singer-songwriter. The Big Deal: Really, were there any other contenders? It was the first of its kind—a slim tablet that let you seamlessly glide between movies, music, browsing the web, and Street Fighter beat-downs.

With Wi-Fi and 3G, everything from racing simulators to magazines were just a touch away. And don't get us started on that LED display.

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The Weird Part: You could use the iPad to do just about anything, but you were probably going to waste all your time on Angry Birds , which was purchased over 10 million times on Apple's App Store. Where to Buy It Today: apple.

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That said, Beta had a much nicer picture than VHS. The Weird Part: For once, porn wasn't the spark behind a new tech platform. No, this time it was something far more highbrow: romance novels. Now the serious career woman could enjoy Flowers from the Storm without having to explain the picture of Fabio.

Where to Buy It Today: barnesandnoble. The Big Deal: Children couldn't really resist a "truly lifelike creation" that seemed "to actually be speaking as his mouth opens," could they? But wait! The red monster also waved, sat and stood, and crossed his legs. The Weird Part: The related Elmo Knows Your Name experienced a public scandal when it was discovered one doll owned by a 2-year-old named James would, upon being squeezed, repeat in Elmo's trademark singsong voice, "Kill James.

The Big Deal: The first touchscreen and web-enabled iPod went from annual fanboy fantasy to national must-have, largely because it came at a fraction of the iPhone's price tag. There's an app for that. The Weird Part: Legend has it one man in an advance line at Walmart discovered there would not be any PS3s left by the time it was his chance to make a purchase.

So he did the only logical thing: He treated people ahead of him in line to coffee spiked with laxatives. He got one. The Big Deal: Microsoft's Xbox was huge. Beating Sony to the punch? Internet connectivity for Halo tournaments stretching from nerds in Taiwan to schoolchildren in Toledo?

You got it. Enough supply to meet holiday demand? Not so much. Frenzy ensued. The Weird Part: Xbox started production a mere 69 days before its launch. Customers lucky or savvy enough to recognize the potential profits from Microsoft's dilemma cashed in, as 40, units or 10 percent of total supply ended up on eBay within a week.

It was a remote-control, inch-tall humanoid capable of performing 67 preprogrammed actions and movements, including but by no means limited to break dancing, farting, and belching, of course! The Weird Part: Prior to the resurgence of human movement with the success of Dancing with the Stars , humanity faced a sedentary period consisting entirely of RoboSapiens shaking their mechanical groove thangs on YouTube.

Blume Doll.

50+ Best Kids Gifts - Good Gift Ideas for Children

Baby Shark Song Cube. Pop Pops Snotz. Spin Master. Dreamworks Dragons Hatching Toothless. Avocado Smash!

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Card Game. Untamed Dragon. Amigo Games. Magnetic Stacking Game. Treasure X. Treasure X Aliens. Toy Story. Emma McIntyre Getty Images. Paw Patrol.

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