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Omega-3 fatty acids are found in cold-water fish, such as salmon, sardines, and herring.

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Other good sources include:. There are conflicting opinions about how often to shampoo your hair. It all comes down to personal preference and individual needs, which depend on:. For example, people with oily hair may need to shampoo every day, while people with dry hair may need to shampoo less frequently. Using the wrong shampoo and styling agent can cause significant hair damage. Look for products that are right for your hair type — oily , normal, or dry — and target any problems you have, such as dandruff.

Try to avoid shampoos with harsh ingredients, such as ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate. Conditioning after shampooing is an important step in keeping your hair soft, shiny, and manageable. You can choose a separate conditioner or a shampoo with built-in conditioner.

Comb conditioner through for even distribution. Leave it in your hair for two to three minutes before rinsing out. Just like hair washing, not everyone needs to condition every time they wash their hair. Experiment to find what works best for you. Experts suggest that many people over-shampoo or shampoo incorrectly.

The standard rules of thumb are:. Harsh shampoo, hair treatments, styling products, and excessive brushing contribute the most to poor hair health. However, other culprits include:.

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I been wearing a faux hawk and a curly fro. I really like the article could you put in some protective hairstyles that are authorized by the military? ANy help you can lend to this would be appreciated. I would suggest that you try wearing updos for your military duty.

Easiest Natural Hair Care Routine [Non-Toxic & Healthy] - Simply Quinoa

Jael spent quite a few years in the Navy and can speak directly to some styles that may be acceptable by military standards. However, my hair was quite long and I kept it in a sock bun, flat bun and I wore braids. Be sure to look at all races, not just one. Another option is to definitely consider having a longer transition period until you are comfortable with styling your hair per the military rules and regs. Have you tried curly styles?

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To me, curly styles are easier to maintain and they are PT friendly : You mentioned breakage. Aside from the breakage from weaves and braids, they are probably experiencing breakage at the line of demarcation were the relaxer meets the natural hair. This is definitely one of the weakest points of the hair during transitioning.

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If this is the case, I would definitely suggest deciding whether you prefer to wear your hair straight or wear it curly. This will help minimize the stress that is put on maintaining more than one type of hair on the head. Also, keep the hair conditioned as much as possible. I would love to speak with you more and want to stay updated on what styles you come up with. So, keep me posted. Hi i am a newbie, i started my jouney in Janurary,and my hair is doing some strange things.

I went on youtube acouple of days ago and there is so much info out there. What is the deal with the ECO style gel and the kinky curl gel. Help please. What do you mean you you what is the deal with ECO style gel and kinky curl gel? Can you add more context to your question? Hello all. I am planning for a very large Natural Hair event in Washington DC and am looking for community support of Naturals and Natural supporters. I can give more information if anyone is interested. Please email me.

God Bless. I too have a few questions, but will save them for later, I am still trying to see how this forum stuff works, lol.

Easiest Natural Hair Care Routine

I look forward from hearing from others! Tina — Thanks for sharing. Something to consider for you is to create a natural hair journal. Some days I find myself writing more down vs. Im getting tired of nappy hard hair my hair wont grow. Its frustrating. Mostly all the girls with straight and soft hair have long hair. Long hair is a combination of internal and external components. Generally, as long as you are relatively healthy internally , your hair is growing because growth is an internal process.

Externally, specifically, your hair habits, have to align with your hair goals.


If you are constantly snipping and trimming, roughly handling, over manipulating, heat damaging, etc… your hair will never reach it maximum potential. Hi Tina, If you were able to care for your daughters hair and it has grown down her back, surely you can apply the same techniques to your hair as well and have great results.

Thank you for the wonderful compliment and we hope that you continue to find the information useful. If you have any questions, please let us know. Greetings, great site, very informative and detailed. I did the BC Sept and I am loving being natural and relaxer free.

Need to create a healthy hair routine? Read this

Thanks for such a great site. Wnada — Very nice. Hope the natural hair journey is working well for you. Congrats on your BC. This is very informative…but I am brand new to this natural thing and all this looks foreign to me. Thanks in advance! Lydia — Congrats on your BC. I hope your natural hair journey is going well. Sometimes it can take a little time to figure out exactly how to care for your hair. Which products are you using within your regimen? How are you caring for your hair? I just wanted to say that I love this article and that I am new to natural hair transition.

So after I went off to college I started transitioning for about 6 months no perms or flat irons and then got my hair cut in Feb 4, I did not get the big chop but I only have a little more to go I have a good bit of hair left. I love my hair and love being different from people with the traditional straight hair. My question is my hair is somewhat curly but what are some products to really define my curls and not be frizzy. Some parts of my hair is really curly and then some of it doesnt curl like I want it to. What can I do? Tanisha — Are you still in the process of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair?

Let me know…thanks.

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Good morning, your Natural Hair was very encouraging and helpful. Hi, thank you so much for this article. Keep in mind that starting any new adventure can cause nervousness; however, I want to encourage you to give yourself room to error and experiment to find what works for your hair. This is the beginning of a journey, enjoy it and have fun along as well. Wonderful article Kenneth.

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Who would I contact about people who would be interested in participating in a Natural Hair Expo coming up in There is a panel discussion and we would love to include a variety of people. My daughter went natural last year, I was so impressed with her courage and strength at 19, where in NYC long hair relaxed hair seems to be a big thing, she gradually cut her long hair length was to her breast , and now its so beautiful, that I decided to do so and I really love it.

I am so curious about my new texture, co-washing and various natural oils to use, I wish I had done this years ago. Keep writing and thanks again!! Hi Dana! Thank you for your kind words and we are happy that our information is helpful. Congrats on your journey and double congrats to your daughter — that is very inspirational. Continue to discover your hair and you will be amazed. I would love if you would keep us posted on your journey.